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Employee Spotlight: Stan Seling

First Nation Group is proud to introduce May’s Employee Spotlight, Stan Seling! Stan plays a key role on the First Nation Group team as an IT Manager, working out of the Saline office. On a day off, you will most likely find Stan cruising around town in one of his vintage cars or out on the water!

During his 14-year tenure with the company, Stan has assisted many with critical IT needs, worked tirelessly to ensure new programs were implemented and running smoothly, and selflessly served his community through food preparation and distribution at the local soup kitchen on a regular basis. He is dedicated beyond measure, service-oriented, and compassionate, all of which represent the First Nation Group culture. Thank you for all you do, Stan!

Below is a sneak peek into the life of Stan Seling through this month’s Employee Spotlight!

What is one thing on your bucket list?
Travel by train. We would like to do a cross country trip across the northern United States as well as one across Canada.

What do you love most about First Nation Group?
The people I work with and the fact that in my 14 years at First Nation Group, I have not once been bored.

What is a standout memory that you have from First Nation Group?
The big IT projects. We did at least four major projects and no matter what, we always had the company back up and working on Monday. Also, the volunteer projects we participated in with Habitat for Humanity and Soldiers Angels.

What are some words that your friends and family would use to describe you?
Funny. Kind. Patient. Memorable. Unflappable.

Stan, on behalf of the entire company, we wish you the best of luck in retirement – you will be seriously missed! Thank you for being such an exceptional member of the First Nation Group family!