PAP with Remote Setup

Door-to-door delivery and setup makes your job easy

First Nation Group ships PAP device, mask, educational materials, and customized messaging direct-to-Veteran. Upon arrival, the patient is contacted by a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) for remote setup, mask fit, and one-on-one time for therapy questions. Following setup, First Nation Group’s RRT leverages the manufacturer’s cloud-based technology to collect and share the patient’s device and setup information directly with clinicians for real-time access.

PAP with Remote Setup is an ACHC accredited, comprehensive, remote sleep therapy that answers the call¹ for both physicians and patients:

*Respiratory Therapists are licensed, at a minimum, in the state from which they are performing the remote setup.

To learn more about PAP with Remote Setup and how it can support your sleep therapy program, please contact your First Nation Group Regional Sales Manager.

Reference: 1. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. (2020). Opportunities Missed to Contain Spending on Sleep Apnea Devices and Improve Veterans’ Outcomes [PDF file]. Retrieved from

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