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Portable Oxygen Concentrators + Accessories

Portable Oxygen Concentrator, FreeStyle Comfort 1-5 PD Settings (16 Cell Battery), Includes AC/DC, Battery Pack, Bag + Shoulder Strap

Item #: AS200-101
Manufacturer: Caire

FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • 1-5 LPM Pulse dose setting
  • UltraSenseā„¢ technology provides sensitive breath detection
  • Quickly detects and pulses oxygen to promote oxygen delivery in the earliest part of the breath
  • Adjusts bolus size based on breath rate
  • User-replaceable battery pack with up to 7 hours* battery life with 2 batteries on pulse setting 2.*With 2 batteries
  • Easily wearable with a handle, shoulder strap, or backpack
  • Fully functional on AC or DC power
  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • FAA approved for use on commercial airlines
  • Under 5 pounds with a small compact frame
  • CAIREview software provides alerts, location data, usage data, and flow settings