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Suction Regulators Nursing + Respiratory

Intermittent/Continuous Regulator, 0-200 mmHg, w/ Selector Valve

Item #: 3804
Manufacturer: Boehringer Laboratories

The Neonatal Suction Regulators are specifically designed for Neonatal and Pediatric applications requiring continuous and intermittent suction. Almost all of the clinical recommendations for suction for this patient population are less than 100 mmHg. The 3814 has been specifically designed to facilitate safe suction for this patient population. The new Platinum Series Suction Regulators are the next generation in suction control products. The Platinum Series features new options and enhancements that deliver higher performance than any other suction regulator currently available. The new 3800 Series Suction Regulators are supported by a 12-Year Warranty. The 3804 Intermittent and Continuous model features technological advances that actually protect the interior regulating mechanism from flooding and contamination- the most common cause for regulator failure. This innovation gives the regulator extended life, which allows us to provide trouble-free operation for the length of its 12-Year Warranty.

  • 12 year warranty