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Nebulizer, InnoSpire Essence with Disposable SideStream

Item #: 1099966
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

The Philips Respironics InnoSpire ESSENCE Nebulizer with Two SideStreams comes with a Sidestream combined with a powerful compressor. The Sidestream aerosol technology uses quick, effective, and reliable drug delivery to the patients. It’s lightweight and compact design allow convenient mobility as well. The device also offers an active venturi system to provide airstream along with the compressor provided. It provides continuous medication delivery with shorter treatment durations. SideStream Nebulizers are easy to use with fewer parts to assemble and clean than conventional nebulizers. SideStream’s unique design provides consistent delivery of medication every time.

  • Unique Design: Nebulizer Innospire machine offers an active venturi system that provides airstream along with the existent air flow generated by the compressor.
  • Efficient drug delivery: The Respironics Nebulizer Innospire machine provides the combined effect of the compressor and the Sidestream aerosol technology.
  • Compact design: The compact and sturdy design of the Respironics Nebulizer Innospire machine allows easy storage and use.
  • Easy to use: Respironics Nebulizer Innospire machine has very few parts that the user needs to assemble before using it.
  • Powerful yet affordable: The Respironics Nebulizer Innospire machine incorporates all the important features with high efficiency and quality treatment capabilities.
  • Other Features: This easy to use and store device comes with a few accessories as well.