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Remote Setup Patient Solutions Sleep Therapy

Patient Solutions – Remote Setup for the ResMed NightOwl® Mini HST Device

Item #: 7079589-RS
Manufacturer: ResMed

First Nation Group’s Patient Solutions is a remote setup solution created to support patient transition management and monitoring. It provides Veterans the comfort and confidence needed to manage their treatment and supports VA physicians in supplying the best experience and continued care to Veterans.

The remote setup for the NightOwl Mini HST Device is conducted by a qualified professional and includes the following:

  • Optimize workflow
  • Direct-to-patient delivery with remote setup and installation
  • Technical support *Based on VA protocols

Based on clinician prescription, patients can utilize any or all of the options depending on their comfort level.

  • Fully disposable HSAT capable of multiple nights testing
  • FDA-cleared and validated against PSG for accuracy
  • Based on Peripheral Arterial Tone
  • Remote setup is conducted by a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT); Respiratory Therapists are licensed, at a minimum, in the state from which they are performing the remote setup