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Philips InCourage System, Airway Clearance Device Therapy w/ Setup by RespirTech, For Home Use Only

Item #: 500055-210
Manufacturer: RespirTech

Vest therapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive airway clearance method that clears excess mucus from lungs and airways. The InCourage System uses a vest attached to a machine that creates compressions to the chest, helping to loosen, thin and move mucus through the lungs. Programming for the InCourage System includes standard and custom settings: Quick Start, Auto Pause and Multi Step.

Includes: Device; black vest; two (2) reusable locking hoses; filters; fuses; wash kit; manual and travel case

  • Easy to Clean - Machine wash and dry without disassembly
  • Secure hose connectors conveniently open when placed on the hose port for a fast connection
  • Easy-Grip Carrying Handle
  • Larger Power Switch - Higher placement on unit for quick, easy access
  • Hassle-Free Filter Replacement
  • One-button start and simple programming for a wide range of therapy session options