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Tripleplay™ Reusable Airflow Sensor – Small (Compatible with all FM Interface Cables)

Item #: TP-003
Manufacturer: Dymedix

Dymedix Diagnostics’ exclusive suite of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) sensors provides superior technology by delivering more responsive linear and stable waveforms.
PVDF is unique polarized plastic film that when processed with frequency filtration circuitry, delivers fast and reliable signals when the PVDF is excited by movement, pressure, vibration and temperature changes. When used for airflow sensing, this technology allows for the detection of apnea, hypopneas, UARS, and snoring, all in one sensor. No other sleep diagnostic sensor comes close to matching the superior qualities of PVDF.
All Dymedix sensors and filtration modules are guaranteed for one year. Within this product line, there is an extensive offering of disposable sleep sensor and effort belt options, as well as reusable solutions.

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