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Respiratory Therapy

Transition your respiratory care patients with comfort and confidence

Through innovative technology and solution-focused programs, like First Nation Group’s Patient Solutions, delivering respiratory therapy is now easier than ever before for Veterans and caregivers transitioning home. Patient Solutions provides an ACHC accredited, remote setup solution created to facilitate setup and support patient education. Conducted by a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) or qualified professional, it provides Veterans the comfort and confidence needed to manage their treatment and supports VA physicians in supplying the best experience and continued care to Veterans.

This ACHC accredited solution works one-on-one with patients and VA clinicians to establish a timely transition home, while also providing the following benefits:

Let First Nation Group be your trusted partner in improving care and quality of life for Veterans continuing this treatment at home. To learn more, contact us at

*Benefits may vary based on therapy provided.

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Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Delivering the highest quality of care

First Nation Group is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for compliance with a comprehensive set of national standards. By choosing a healthcare provider that has achieved ACHC accreditation, you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive the highest quality of care.

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