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2021 #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award

First Nation Group Celebrates Excellence by Honoring Employees with 2021 #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award

First Nation Group is proud to announce the two outstanding individuals for the 2021 #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award, Nancy Ladd and Stan Seling. This peer-to-peer nominated award celebrates excellence and recognizes employees who not only sustainably lead and live the First Nation Group values, but are dedicated to consistently going above and beyond as well.

As the First Nation Group Contracts Administrator, Nancy Ladd has spent seven years supporting the company through dedication, agility, and her “can-do” attitude. Ladd’s attention to detail, solid organizational knowledge, and collaborative spirit enables her to successfully support colleagues interdepartmentally and assist in integrating new team members with thoughtful planning and execution. Over the years, she’s actively led local charitable giving initiatives, embraced new roles and responsibilities, and routinely put in extra hours to elevate the First Nation Group brand and drive efficiency.

(Center image: Nancy pictured second from right; right image: Nancy pictured on left)

“Congratulations, Nancy, on being selected for the 2021 #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award. Nancy tackles new initiatives with a smile on her face and a warm welcome. Her quality of work is exceptional, driven only by her ability to give her time and talents with her whole heart – she embodies the true #TOGETHERSTRONG spirit.” – Anonymous Employee

Stan Seling, First Nation Group’s IT Manager, is known by colleagues company-wide for being dependable, responsive, and giving. During his 14-year tenure with the company, Seling has assisted many with critical IT needs, worked tirelessly to ensure new programs were implemented and running smoothly, and selflessly served his community through food preparation and distribution at the local soup kitchen on a regular basis. He is dedicated beyond measure, service-oriented, and compassionate, all of which represent the First Nation Group culture.   

(Left image: Stan pictured second from left; right image: Stan pictured on right)

“Stan’s positive manner and willingness to help others, both in our day-to-day roles, and as a friend, encompasses the values of First Nation Group. I cannot think of a more deserving person than Stan to be selected for the 2021 #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award.” – Anonymous Employee

To be nominated for the annual #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award, employees are required to have served a minimum of one year with First Nation Group. They demonstrate, in and out of the office, trust, generosity, unity, dedication, and compassion, the founding principles of First Nation Group’s values. These employees have shown they are dependable, exhibit superior customer service, positively represent the company, and remain an active participant in both First Nation Group’s charitable giving activities as well as in their very own communities.

Nominees for the 2021 #TOGETHERSTRONG Recognition Award included the following:

First Nation Group is proud to honor both Nancy Ladd and Stan Seling and all of the 2021 nominees through this employee recognition award. Thank you for being part of the First Nation Group family, dedicating yourself to our nation’s heroes, and, ultimately, serve the greater good, #TOGETHERSTRONG!