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Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Santana

First Nation Group is proud to introduce our August Employee Spotlight featuring Alyssa Santana!

First Nation Group is proud to introduce August’s Employee Spotlight, Alyssa Santana! She plays a key role on the First Nation Group team as the Customer Service/Data Entry Assistant Manager. Alyssa’s amiability, passion for her interests, and dedication to those she loves make it unsurprising she is so fantastic at what she does, always ensuring Veterans receive the care they deserve. Be sure to read the full interview and get a sneak peek into the life of Alyssa Santana through this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Is there a fact about you that may surprise people?

I met “The Greatest of All Time,” Muhammad Ali, when I was around 6 years old!

Do you prefer the beach or the pool?

Pool, definitely – I have an insane fear of sharks. I would much rather be in the pool where I know there aren’t any.

Most weekends, you can be found?

On nature trails, playing mini golf or bowling, going to the pool, visiting Universal Studios/Disney in Orlando, and just being able to visit friends and family freely.

Your most memorable trip was….

Page, Arizona! About three years ago my dad and I took a father-daughter photography trip there.

What do you love most about First Nation Group?

I love First Nation Group’s dedication to helping as many Veterans as possible outside of our main business practices. Whether that be through monetary donations to organizations like Hearts & Homes or volunteering at the NVWG, First Nation Group will continue to support the Veteran population and provide the help, love, and praise they deserve.

What are 3 words you would use to describe First Nation Group?

Generous. Dedicated. Inspiring.

Give us three hashtags your friends and family might use to describe you?

#Loud #Engergetic #Loyal

Thank you for being such an exceptional member of the First Nation Group family, Alyssa!