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Employee Spotlight: Clint Terry

First Nation Group is proud to introduce our July Employee Spotlight featuring Clint Terry!

Clint is instrumental to the First Nation Group distribution team as a Warehouse Technician in Denver, Colorado. If you happen to meet him, you will most likely find him enjoying nature in the beautiful outdoors, working on creating animatronic creatures, recording a song with his band, or enjoying a meal out with his family. Be sure to read the full interview and get a sneak peek into the life of Clint Terry through this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Most weekends, you can be found…
Sitting on the deck and barbequing with friends and family.

If you go out to dinner, you’re most likely eating…
Mexican food.

A quote that moves you…
“All gave some, some gave all.”

Your hero(es)…
My heroes are my Dad and my son.

What are three words you would use to describe First Nation Group?
Loyalty. Honesty. Integrity.

Between creating animatronic creatures and writing and recording music, you have some very cool hobbies. Can you tell us a bit more about both?
My interest in special effects has grown as I’m starting an animatronics business with my son who has a degree in computer science. We really enjoy being able to create projects together! We started with a 6-legged creature that we call Biff the Bot. It comes with sensors that will help it avoid running into walls, etc. My favorite creature, however, is the werewolf I am working on now. My niece modeled a sculpture for the design out of clay that we will mold with latex and eventually put onto the werewolf exoskeleton.

As for writing and recording music, I started playing guitar when I was nine years old and have not stopped since. My best friend and I have had several bands – Sunrise, New Creations, etc. We would spend time writing about things we were going through and still do that to this day.

Is there a particular First Nation Group memory that stands out to you?
Last month, we had an opportunity to assist Soldiers’ Angels with their monthly food drive where they handout a month’s worth of food to Veterans in need. Watching the face of each Veteran as we loaded food into their cars was a heartwarming experience. Working with the other volunteers was great too! The comradery of that volunteer experience is what I believe America is all about, giving back to the community and the Veterans that have given so much to us.

Thank you for being such an exceptional member of the First Nation Group family, Clint!