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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Dymarkowski

Meet Andrew (Drew) Dymarkowski, our Inside Sales Business Analyst and March Employee Spotlight! Based in Denver, Colorado, Drew plays a BIG part in the success of our Inside Sales team. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for problem-solving, he consistently exceeds expectations and contributes valuable insights to our business strategies.

Those who know Drew describe him as a dedicated, authentic, and confident individual. His commitment to excellence and teamwork is inspiring and his enthusiasm, infectious. Outside of the office, you can find him conquering golf courses, embracing the thrill of hunting, or whipping up culinary creations.

Learn more about Drew below:

Oscar Mike Wilderness

What is a stand-out memory from working at First Nation Group?

In September 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in an Oscar Mike Foundation wilderness retreat in Estes Park, CO. This was an experience that is difficult to put into words, but if I had to describe it with one, it would be inspirational – it included hiking, fishing, camping, and much more. Through this experience, a group of strangers became bonded for life.

What is a quote or affirmation you live by?
One who fears failure limits his activities.

Do you have a charity that is near and dear to your heart? Who and why?
Mattersville has been a long-time charitable giving partner of the Denver Local Challenge team. I have had the opportunity to spend the last three years working closely with them on several different projects. I have grown extremely close with the Mattersville team, witnessing firsthand the passion and drive they have to push their mission forward.

What First Nation Group core value do you align with most? Why?
Be mission-driven.
Knowing that everyone is working together to genuinely make an impact in the lives of others provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What do you love most about First Nation Group?
The people! Out of my friend group in Denver, I am the only one that has remained with the same company they started their career with following school. This speaks volumes to not only the support that First Nation Group provides its employees, but the incredible individuals that we surround ourselves with Monday to Friday.

“Drew has become such an asset to our sales team with his in-depth understanding and background across multiple departments here at First Nation Group. It has been awesome seeing Drew grow in his sales journey from his first day to his most recent promotion into the field. I’m proud to call him a very close colleague and an even better friend outside of work!”

-Matthew Luther, Regional Sales Manager

Join us in celebrating his team player attitude and giving spirit. Thank you, Drew, for all you do as part of the First Nation Group family!