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Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Mueller-Childs

This January, we are celebrating First Nation Group’s Tiffany Mueller-Childs, one of our resident Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT)! Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Tiffany is our master of crafts, cruising, and all things Patient Solutions. Her commitment to the Veterans we serve and her support for our mission, vision, and values truly exemplify her #TOGETHERSTRONG spirit.

Those who work with Tiffany describe her as an excellent representation of First Nation Group’s mission to serve – through daily, one-on-one engagement with Veterans, she is committed to easing fears and stress for patients as they start their new therapies. In her free time, you can find her quilting, fishing, or cruising on her motorcycle!

“From the first time I met Tiffany, I knew she was a leader. She truly cares about her colleagues and the Veterans she serves. She is generous and definitely fuels humility, happiness, and positivity. She is a very hard worker and an excellent team player, helping in any way she can and always going above and beyond for others. She is caring and giving and an incredible role model!”

– Monika Meixelsperger, Business Development Manager

Learn more about Tiffany below:

What is a quote or affirmation you live by?
Be grateful for what you have, because tomorrow it could all be gone.

What First Nation Group core value do you align with most? Why?
Fuel humility, happiness, and positivity. We couldn’t grow as a company without each other! The key is staying positive and reminding each other how important we are to these Veterans.

What do you love most about First Nation Group?
I love that First Nation Group recognizes the hard work of their employees and always shows appreciation.

What is a stand-out memory from working at First Nation Group?
One month after starting at First Nation Group my husband and I were invited to the Oscar Mike Annual Ball. I was so impressed with First Nation Group’s giving and dedication to this Veteran-owned organization!

Parin's ride

Do you have a charity that is near and dear to your heart? Who and why?

My husband and I are a part of the Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. They support our local child advocacy and sexual assault center. We also participate in a local motorcycle ride that raises money for cancer research – my husband led the ride along with other law enforcement officers!

Thank you, Tiffany, for consistently going above and beyond! Your dedication and outstanding contributions to the First Nation Group family are valued by us all.