Employee Spotlight: Tomas Jurado

First Nation Group is proud to introduce our April Employee Spotlight featuring Tomas Jurado!

Tomas was born in Ecuador, South America and moved to the states when he was 10. He now resides in Florida, where he plays a key role in the First Nation Group sales team as the Regional Sales Manager in the Fort Myers office. . If you happen to meet him in Fort Myers, you will most likely find him out on the water, with his family and dogs, or riding around in his Jeep. Tomas is the perfect example of someone you want as a colleague and a friend.

Not only does Tomas always go that extra mile to ensure Veterans get exceptional care, but he is known around First Nation Group for putting a smile on people’s faces. We couldn’t think of a better employee to feature during National Humor Month – here’s a sneak peek into the life of Tomas Jurado.

Compared to your previous companies that you worked for in the industry, what sets First Nation Group apart?

Respect. FNG is a well-oiled machine, and everyone just seems to work well together.

You said that in another life that you would have wanted to be a Marine Biologist. What draws you to this occupation?

I love the water, and I am always wondering how marine organisms work, grow, develop, migrating patterns, all that cool stuff. I also feel like it would be nice to spend time outside, researching things that others may never even think about. Would be cool have a job where your main responsibility is to learn more about marine species, nature, and how to protect all of it. Think about that for a second… so different than selling medical equipment, or making budgets, contracts, marketing, or talking to people all day long… just marine biology. I would be so good at it, I would in fact get a PhD and become Dr. Jurado… that sounds cool too!

If you were stranded on an island off the coast of Florida what 7 things would you bring?

Well… first of all, I would not want to be rescued, so there is that…

  1. Fly rod and flies to keep me entertained, I probably wouldn’t keep the fish because I’m not really into fish eating so that would be last case scenario.
  2. Yeti cup because its indestructible and I could collect fresh water in it.
  3. Knife because I guess that’s part of a survival thing… maybe cut a pig that I catch and make bacon for breakfast?
  4. Oh, I guess a lighter to make a fire and cook the bacon!
  5. Some type of blow-up mattress because sleeping on the ground or sand would be uncomfortable.
  6. Oh, a paddleboard so I could fish off of it and explore the island.
  7. Sunscreen, I have sensitive skin and the sun does not like me.

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