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First Nation Group Partners with Nevoa® Inc.

First Nation Group offers Nevoa’s Nimbus fogging robot for hospital room disinfection to Government customers

NICEVILLE, FL., September 1, 2020 – First Nation Group, the premier Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Women-Owned Small Business, and HUBZone medical-surgical distributor to the Federal Government, is pleased to announce a partnership with Nevoa® Inc., the manufacturers of Nimbus™, a disinfecting robot. This whole room fogging disinfection device offers the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) access to cutting-edge technology for their hospital patient rooms, ensuring that pathogens causing life-threatening illnesses are killed quickly and completely.

“COVID-19 has quickly become the vehicle for change in the healthcare industry, and has raised awareness of the long-standing problem of Healthcare-Acquired Infections, or HAIs, which put patient health at risk every day,” said Terry Latkovic, Vice President of Corporate Initiatives for First Nation Group. “Partnering with Nevoa to distribute their Nimbus robot to the VA and DoD allows us to provide an innovative disinfection solution for the safety of front line workers and Veterans seeking the very best care, which is our first priority.”

Focused on technology that eliminates pathogens in healthcare setting, Nevoa invented Nimbus, a robot that fogs Nevoa’s hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant into a dense mist in an unoccupied patient room, post-discharge. The disinfectant completely coats all surfaces and equipment, even surfaces in shadow such as under patient beds. Nimbus then automatically begins a dehumidification process, removing the disinfectant solution and allowing immediate room re-entry. This no-touch, hospital disinfection process takes approximately 30 minutes and eliminates the human error associated with manual cleaning, offering healthcare providers the ability to completely and confidently disinfect surfaces in their facilities.

“The technology for our Nimbus robot took several years to develop, and our disinfection protocol has been proven to be more than 99.99% effective at killing pathogens that caused Healthcare-Acquired Infections,” said Ernest Cunningham, President of Nevoa Inc. “We’re excited to partner with First Nation Group to distribute this life-saving technology to Government healthcare facilities serving our veterans and military.”

First Nation Group, a purpose-driven company, has been serving the Government market since 1992, offering home and hospital care products, supplies, and services, to all U.S. Federal agencies with the VA as their largest customer.

“Due to COVID-19, healthcare facilities are more focused on PPE and disinfectant product procurement than ever before. From the onset of this crisis, First Nation Group has been a reliable resource for our Government customers supplying critical respiratory products. Through this new partnership, and our expansion into this vital product category, those customers can now rely on us to provide a disinfection system for hospital patient rooms, as well as our signature service and support,” said Steve Baugh, President of First Nation Group. “We’re pleased to partner with Nevoa and recognize that their technology will play a significant role in reducing the spread of life-threatening infections and hospital costs in addition to improving the patient experience.”

For more information on the Nimbus robot, please contact First Nation Group, the authorized government distributor, at

About Nevoa Inc.

Nevoa (, headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., was founded to invent disinfection products that eliminate Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs) and save the lives of people in environments where germs and pathogens are known to thrive. Nevoa’s mission is to transform the healthcare industry’s decades-old disinfection and cleaning protocols to highly effective, automated protocols that disinfect better. To achieve major decreases in the HAI epidemic, Nevoa believes hospitals must embrace technology-based protocols that disinfect hospital rooms after every patient discharge. Nevoa saves lives by engineering the most fiscally-, socially-, and environmentally-responsible disinfecting solutions for the healthcare industry.

About First Nation Group

First Nation Group is the premier Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Women-Owned Small Business, and HUBZone distributor of medical-surgical equipment and supplies to the U.S. Federal Government. Since 1992, First Nation Group has been at the forefront of the medical equipment industry delivering superior products, service, and support while giving back generously. As an industry leader, the 145+ employees take pride in representing leading manufacturers in providing compliant, cost-effective solutions of the most well-respected product lines with extensive TAA national distribution facilities in Fort Myers, Florida, Denver, Colorado, and Detroit, Michigan.

First Nation Group is headquartered in Niceville, Florida, with administrative offices in Fort Myers, Ann Arbor, and suburban Philadelphia. Learn more about our purpose-driven business at First Nation Group.