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First Nation Group Welcomes Home Base for Virtual PTSD Awareness Segment

The First Nation Group Wellness Program is proud to host a PTSD Awareness segment featuring Home Base Southwest Florida during National PTSD Awareness Month.

This month, First Nation Group is proud to recognize National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month. This observance is intended to raise public awareness about issues related to post-traumatic stress (PTS), reduce the stigma associated with PTS, and help ensure that those suffering from “invisible wounds” receive proper treatment. First Nation Group will be doing all that we can to help in the fight against PTS, both on the local and national level.

First Nation Group has taken the “PTSD Awareness Pledge” in partnership with The National Center for PTSD’s and is encouraging all of our employees to do the same. The goal of the pledge is to spread awareness about resources, possible treatments, and more. Everyone with PTS—whether a Veteran or a civilian survivor of sexual assault, serious accidents, natural disasters, or other traumatic events—should  have access to and know about the treatments available that can help lead them to a better quality of life. Throughout the month, we will be sharing helpful resources with our employees, such as t First Nation Group’s Employee Assistance Plan, ways to get involved, and general information.

Each month, the First Nation Group Wellness Program focuses on a variety of health topics, from healthy eating to physical fitness, and beyond. This month’s focus will also align with National PTSD Awareness Month. The First Nation Group Wellness Program will be hosting our friends at Home Base of Southwest Florida (SWFL) on Wednesday, June 16th for a virtual webinar to speak to our employees about PTS. The goal with the segment is for First Nation Group employees to learn more about PTS, how to identify it, and how to best support those that are impacted by PTS.

This segment will feature speakers from Home Base SWFL as well as key subject matter experts (SME) on the topic of PTS. Speakers for this segment will include Home Base SWFL’s Assistant Director, Jason Cooper, and PTS subject matter experts, Dr. Ron Hirschberg, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Dr. Louis Chow, Senior Director of Training and Network Development. Cooper will talk to us about the important work Home Base SWFL does to support Veterans with PTS and other invisible wounds of service. Dr. Chow and Dr. Hirschberg will present on common reactions to traumatic events, how one can get stuck in their recovery from traumas, and gold standard treatments to help Veterans and civilians reclaim their lives through wellness and clinical care.

“First Nation Group recognizes that, like many other silent disabilities, PTS is the harboring of an invisible wound,” said Michelle Crocker, Human Resources Manager at First Nation Group. “We are so grateful Home Base can join us to break down the stigma surrounding behavioral health issues and help all employees recognize PTS is like any other injury.”

Home Base SWFL was created to empower Veterans and warriors to take control of their physical well-being and provide a portal for those that are in need of treatment for “invisible wounds.” They designed the Warrior Health and Fitness plan to help Southwest Florida Veterans—men and women—improve their physical health and well- being through supervised physical exercise, education about healthy eating, living, sleep hygiene, stress management and the health benefits of physical activity. What began as a health and fitness program for Veterans transformed into something with even more impact: a community. Home Base’s insight and services supporting Veterans’ health and healing is truly beneficial for our nation’s heroes.

“I think everyone knows that when you stay active, you sleep well, and feel good about yourself,  any mental health battles you are going through might be just a little bit easier to deal with,” said Armando Hernandez, Program Director at Home Base SWFL. “Home Base always has a place for Veterans and military families that need help.”

First Nation Group connected with Home Base SWFL several months ago and is looking at future opportunities, both nationally and locally, working together to combat this complex issue and support even more Veterans in their healing journey. The entire First Nation Group family is looking forward to welcoming Home Base SWFL during June’s virtual webinar and continuing to support their incredible mission for years to come.