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Local Challenge Highlights

With many employees out of the office for much of the year, charitable giving was one of the ways the First Nation Group family stayed connected and aligned toward a common goal. In addition to our National Giving efforts, we are proud to support organizations at the grassroots level through our Local Challenge teams. Based out of each office location, our Local Challenge teams focus on the needs in the neighborhoods where they live and work, creating partnerships to sustain critical programs and services for their communities to thrive.

Local Challenge gives First Nation Group the opportunity to support a variety of causes in many different communities. The goal in forming partnerships with organizations on the local level is to create long lasting relationships that allow our partners to grow and expand their outreach efforts to even more of the local community. This year alone, our Local Challenge teams have partnered with organizations that offer recreational activities to Veterans, provided food where it was needed, and supported the building of a local skate park, to name a few. All of these organizations and causes are improving communities and enriching lives and we are proud to continue to support them.

Here are a few recent highlights from our Local Challenge teams!

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