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Philips Respironics Mask Selector Camera + Tablet Bundle for DreamWear Precision Fit Masks

Item #: 1143677
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

Philips Respironics Mask Selector 3D is the first and only 3D scanning software that helps you fit patients with one mask from initial setup. Mask Selector 3D is an automated, personalized solution powered by a proprietary algorithm. It’s built on data from over 10 years of facial-scanning research, representing a wide range of ethnicities and geographies. Traditional fitting methods – like manual sizing and measuring – may raise the risk of refits that can threaten patient adherence and your bottom line. But because Mask Selector 3D helps you determine the most personalized mask recommendation possible, you can feel more confident than ever that you’re giving patients a uniquely personalized experience and helping to promote compliance from the start. Patients can see how the masks will look on them in real time, with computer generated visual representations. And through improvements in the patient setup experience, you can help promote long-term patient compliance, help drive patient referrals and help build awareness of the advanced capabilities available at your clinic. Leave the traditional mask selection process behind – add a new dimension of confidence with Mask Selector.

  • By using 46,200 of the most critical facial data points captured – called a “Facial Point Cloud” – Mask Selector 3D automatically makes data-driven recommendations personalized for your patient.
  • Mask Selector 3D automatically and securely syncs scanning data to each patients profile in Care Orchestrator, the convenient, cloud-based platform for managing all of your sleep and respiratory patients.
  • Mask Selector helps clinicians recommend the right mask type, frame size (if applicable), cushion size and DreamWear Under the Nose with precise-fit cushion for each patient, so you can feel confident they’re getting a comfortable fit night after night. It’s your solution to put patients on the right course for a great night’s rest.
  • Give your patients the right fit, the first time. Mask Selector is the only 3D scanning mask software technology that helps you fit patients with one mask from the start. Clinicians can fit patients with one mask at initial setup over 90% of the time.
  • When scanned with Mask Selector, patients report being more confident they will continue using their recommended mask. This technology can help make the selection process effective and efficient for your business like never before.
  • With Mask Selector, you can fit patients with one mask at initial setup and use 35% fewer masks when sizing and fitting patients. By enhancing efficiencies at initial setup, you can improve your chances of treating more patients with fewer resources.