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Non-Invasive Ventilation Interfaces

AcuCare Hospital Full Face Mask, Non-Vented – Large – 20/Pack

Item #: 60752
Manufacturer: ResMed

AcuCare is ResMed’s range of high-quality disposable patient interfaces for the hospital. By quickly establishing mask stability and a reliable seal without compromising comfort, AcuCare masks are designed to achieve fast patient acceptance of non-invasive ventilation (NIV). By helping your patients accept NIV quickly and successfully, you can avoid the need for intubation, decrease the risk of infection, and reduce the cost and length of their hospital stay. Each AcuCare mask is color-coded, easily identifiable, and designed to fit with common hospital breathing circuits. AcuCare combines 3D form-fitting headgear with proven cushion technology to stabilize the mask on the face, without the need for forehead support. The seal and headgear combine to reduce pressure points, minimize leaks, and maximize comfort – all reducing the need for intubation. AcuCare masks give you a secure, stable fit – minimizing the risk of pressure sores and skin breakdown, while maximizing patient comfort.

  • Each mask is designed to fit with common hospital breathing circuits
  • Each mask size covers a wide range of facial features and profiles, making selection easy
  • With convenient three-point, set-and-forget headgear and simple click-in clips, AcuCare masks are quick and easy to fit, adjust and remove