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Anesthesia Operating Room

Adult Bacterial Viral Filter + Luer Port, Disposable – 50/box

Item #: 2106570-007
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare

HMEFs and Filters from GE Healthcare are tested and verified to function with GE Healthcare anesthesia machines. The products perform optimally with GE Healthcare anesthesia machine breathing systems when applicable.

Bacterial/Viral filters are intended to help prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses and prevent cross infection to and from the patient during anesthesia or other types of ventilation. Filter medium is constructed of permanently charged bipolar rectangular split fibers which are able to capture airborne particles.

Compatible with the following GE equipment: Aespire View, Aestiva MRI, Avance CS2, Aisys CS2, 620, 650, 650c, 9100c, and R860

  • 22M/15F connectors, complying with ISO 5356, providing universal connection.
  • Variety of filter medias available providing a high degree of efficiency.
  • All HMEFs and Filters include Luer Port for easy gas sampling with tethered cap to eliminate risk of misplacement.
  • Lightweight designs reduces drag on breathing system.
  • Round ergonomic shape with no sharp edges reduces pressure marking.