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CPAP Mask Liners Sleep Therapy

Airo™ CPAP Mask Liners, Large – 25/pack

Item #: AL-25
Manufacturer: ATHFAR 828, Inc.

The Airo™ CPAP mask liners with self-stick tabs, create a better seal between the mask and face, thus reducing noisy air leaks and protecting the delicate skin of the face while also absorbing moisture. Specifically designed for hospitals and sleep labs, the Airo™ CPAP mask liners reduce multiple mask fittings, are fast and convenient to affix/remove and reduce hospital acquired conditions, creating cost efficiency and time savings for physicians, hospitals, and respiratory therapists.

Patient satisfaction leads to patient compliance.

This fabric mask liner is intended for use in a clinical setting. For continuum of care in home, RemZzzs® is also available for order.

  • Full face liners
  • Available in small, medium, large
  • Three (3) adhesive tabs stick directly on the mask for convenience
  • Each liner individually packaged
  • Disposable and not for use more than 12 hours
  • Made in the USA