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Tube, AirSpiral Heated Breathing, myAIRVO 2 High Flow Systems – Each **Replacement 900PT560E**

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

AirSpiral Heated Breathing Tubes are designed exclusively for use with the F&P myAIRVO 2 Humidified High Flow System. AirSpiral Tubing utilizes an advanced two-spiral design to help protect against condensation or “rain out” in the delivery system.

Cold drips and gurgling, caused by condensation in tubing and cannulas, have always been a big complaint for high flow air and oxygen users. MyAIRVO 2 tackles these problems head on with the AirSpiral Tube.

AirSpiral tubes contain two spiral elements — a heating spiral to warm the air as it passes through the tube, and an insulating to protect warmed air in the tube from temperature variations outside the tube. Working together with MyAIRVO the AirSpiral reduces condensation by 93% to ensure warm, humidified air without any annoying droplets or distracting sounds.

USAGE: AirSpiral Tubing should cleaned regularly following the cleaning and maintenance instructions in your myAIRVO 2 User Manual. IT SHOULD NOT BE SOAKED, WASHED OR STERILIZED. AirSpiral Tubing should be replaced regularly, at least every 60 days. For complete instructions review the documentation that came with your equipment.

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