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Airvo™ 3 Base Respiratory Support Device

Item #: PT301US
Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

Treat more patients in more places.

The Airvo 3 is a respiratory support device that delivers warmed and humidified respiratory gases to spontaneously breathing patients through a variety of patient interfaces.

  • Uninterrupted treatment - An integrated battery facilitates 40 minutes* of transport time, enabling patient mobilization throughout the hospital. *typical operating time.
  • Intuitive control at your fingertips - Large, bright and colorful touchscreen, designed to be our most intuitive and easy-to-use interface ever.
  • High pressure oxygen input - Allows for direct and precise control of FiO2 from the Airvo 3 touchscreen. The dual-input manifold ensures a smooth transition to portable oxygen for patient transfer.
  • Introducing the removable elbow - Two options for reprocessing the Airvo 3, the red disinfection tube and a removable elbow.* For a fast turnaround simply replace the elbow. *Elbows can be cleaned via a washer disinfector by CSSD.
  • Data-driven decision making - Real-time respiratory parameters, and 24 hours of trend data, to monitor patient progress.
  • Flow range, extended - An extended flow range, now 2 - 70 L/min, facilitates the treatment of smaller patients and those in need of additional respiratory support. A single mode for adult and pediatric patients.