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Anesthesia Operating Room

AMSORB® Plus BUBBLE-CAN CO2 Absorbent, Universal 1.2 L – 6/box

Item #: 2105489-011
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare

AMSORB® Plus is a new class of absorbent safe for use at low-flow rates. It will not produce harmful by-products, such as carbon monoxide (CO), Compound A or formaldehyde because it is free of caustic chemicals. When used with reduced gas flow, it does not degrade the anesthetic agent, and as a result can potentially contribute to cost savings.

  • Developed to improve patient care during anesthesia treatment, AMSORB Plus CO2 absorbent simplifies workflows for clinicians and operators
  • Its unique formulation is free of strong alkali, incapable of degrading volatile anesthetic agents and will not produce by-products harmful to the environment