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BIS Complete 2-Channel Monitor System

Item #: 186-0210
Manufacturer: Medtronic

Bispectral Index™ (BIS™) monitoring enhances the clinician’s patient-targeted approach to induction, maintenance and emergence. BIS™ technology noninvasively measures and interprets brain wave activity directly related to the effects of anesthetic agents. The monitor translates the raw EEG data and indicates hypnotic effect through the easy-to-read BIS™ index. Helps the clinician customize anesthetic dosing to individual patient physiologies.

  • BIS brain function monitoring helps clinicians address each patient’s unique anesthetic requirements. This may be particularly valuable for patients with complex conditions whose status may suddenly or frequently change
  • The monitor has a user-configurable display and is designed for future expandability
  • Provides added security to those more sensitive to the hemodynamic effects of anesthesia