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BIS Complete 4-Channel Monitor System

Item #: 186-1014
Manufacturer: Medtronic

Bispectral Index™ (BIS™) monitoring enhances the clinician’s patient-targeted approach to induction, maintenance and emergence. BIS™ technology noninvasively measures and interprets brain wave activity directly related to the effects of anesthetic agents. This 4 Channel System provides the capability to detect hemispheric differences in the brain, which may prove useful for advanced monitoring applications.

  • The BIS™ Complete 4-­channel monitor translates the raw EEG data into the easy-­to-­read BIS™ index.
  • User-­configurable display
  • Versatile platform for future expandability
  • Asymmetry Indicator (ASYM)
  • Ability to trend BIS-­Left and BIS-­Right values