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BiWaze® Cough Standard Circuit, Mouthpiece

Item #: BC21092
Manufacturer: ABM Respiratory Care

The BiWaze® Cough System was inspired by people who need airway clearance treatments tailored to their changing respiratory needs. The dual airpath control separates the inhale and exhale air flow to help ensure the inhaled air is not contaminated with mucus from the exhaled air. The low profile design and simplified touch screen navigation make BiWaze Cough easy to use.

The BiWaze provides a non-invasive solution to enhance airway clearance is essential to avoid retained mucus that causes infection, inflammation, and respiratory failure. Each therapy cycle can be personalized to provide the most effective therapy for a person’s respiratory condition.

BiWaze Cough is designed to provide cleaner care, easier implementation and, is a smarter solution. To put it simply, BiWaze Cough is a breath of fresh care.

  • Standard mouthpiece patient circuit (includes single path breathing tube, adapter, bacterial/viral filter, mouthpiece)