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BiWaze® Clear System, Acute Care

Item #: BK368
Manufacturer: ABM Respiratory Care

BiWaze® Clear System provides oscillating lung expansion (OLE) therapy to help treat and prevent atelectasis, remove retained secretions from deep in the lungs and reduce work of breathing. BiWaze Clear expands and clears the airways through a combination of airway clearance therapies in just 10 minutes. Alternating therapies of lung expansion and high frequency oscillation combined with nebulization helps calm inflamed airways and thin mucus.

**The system includes the control unit, internal lithium-ion battery, mobile cart, user manual – English USA, Acute Care QRG, Power Cord – USA, 2 x Dual Lumen Breathing Circuit – Mouthpiece**

  • Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP): During PEP, the system delivers a programmed positive pressure which the patient exhales against to open and expand the patient’s airways. The nebulizer can be configured to run during PEP therapy to help move the saline throughout the airways.

  • Oscillation (OSC): During OSC, the system oscillates the airways with pulses of positive pressure to thin secretions and mobilize them from the lower airways to the upper airways so they can be coughed or sectioned out. The nebulizer can be configured to run during OSC therapy to help move the saline solution throughout the airways.

  • Nebulize (NEB): During NEB, the system powers only the Aerogen solo vibration mesh nebulizer. This therapy give the patient a break from PEP or OSC while the patient receives their nebulized saline.