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DreamWear Silicone Pillows Mask, L Frame, MW Cushion, with headgear

Item #: 1146451
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

Love CPAP pillows but hate the CPAP hose? The DreamWear silicone pillows CPAP mask has your answer. With more than 20 million masks and cushions sold, Philips’ DreamWear mask comes closest to making users feel like they have nothing on their face during CPAP therapy. One style doesn’t necessarily fit all, and that is why we created modular DreamWear system of masks that use one mask frame and lets you choose from a nasal, pillows or full face cushion. Now featuring the silicone pillows cushion and the Philips Respironics enhanced headgear with arms that holds your mask securely in place.

  • Exceptional comfort - With 100% silicone pillows cushions, you can experience a new level of comfort and soft touch.
  • Enhanced fit and seal - The stalk-less cone-shaped design of the silicone pillows cushion provides users with a secure fit and seal.
  • Feels like wearing nothing at all - With the tubing located at the top of the head, DreamWear helps you sleep closer to your bed partner - and gets rid of the hose nose in front of your face.
  • Sleep how you want - A unique design directs airflow through the frame of DreamWear, allowing the tubing connection to be located at the top of the head.