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GENEActiv Original Single Unit Pack w/ Software, 1 Strap – 1 Unit

Item #: GATV04
Manufacturer: Activinsights

GENEActiv is a comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof medical device that delivers continuous recording of high-resolution acceleration, environmental light, and temperature at any body location. Its robust, neutral design can objectively monitor activity, sleep, and lifestyle, reliably for up to two months without the need for charging. The GENEActiv system is a low burden for both patients and sites with proven high adherence in many studies. It produces unfiltered tri-axial acceleration data in SI units in an open data format.

*Sleep researchers, clinicians, and practitioners can now collect high resolution raw data from the GENEActiv and continue to use the Actiware software for analysis. 

Activinsights' GENEActiv device is your key to understanding the intricacies of behaviors, activity, sleep, and lifestyle in real-world settings. Incorporate the GENEActive into your study toolkit and discover a wealth of knowledge waiting to be uncovered.
  • Clinical Trials - A gold-standard solution for remotely measuring specific behaviors and activities of daily living. Raw data in open format deliver access to a wide range of validated measures.
  • Public Health Research - Sensor-level data is an essential resource in longitudinal studies, future-proofing output by allowing re-analysis with new algorithms at any stage.
  • Health Management and Clinical Care - Data delivered directly to health professionals supports both research and management of chronic conditions (such as obesity and diabetes) and rehabilitation.
  • Digital Measure Development - Use data from this verified measurement system to develop algorithms for digital measures that can be validated analytically and clinically against appropriate criteria.
  • Behavior Detection - Precise body movements, postures and micro-movements are reconstructed from the GENEActiv’s unfiltered raw acceleration data. These measures provide the basic for specific behavior detection and qualification – such as scratching and tremor.
  • Evaluating Sleep and Circadian Rhythms - The GENEActiv captures unprocessed movement data, temperature, and light exposure, offering a comprehensive overview of sleep quality and duration. Use to assess disorders that impact rest activity rhythms, movement, and sleep – allowing a deeper understanding of these interactions.