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H500 CO-Pilot™ Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System w/ SenSmart Multi-Sensing 8330AA

Item #: NON113926-001
Manufacturer: Nonin

Emergencies can happen anywhere. And unreliable measurements leave everyone exposed.

You need to be able to depend on the tools you use so you can focus on the lives that depend on you. Introducing the Nonin CO-Pilot™ Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System to reliably measure COHb, MetHb, SpO2, pulse rate, and rSO2 in even the most challenging conditions.

So you can trust what’s in your hands.

  • Reliable readings - Accurate COHb and SpO2 readings in the presence of hypoxia and CO poisoning
  • Designed for rugged conditions - Meets or exceeds ISO EMS Standards for medical devices
  • Highlight compatible - Accepts Nonin SpO2, rSO2, and multi-parameter SenSmart sensor types
  • Multiple parameters at once - Proven, durable sensor can measure SpO2, pulse rate, COHb, and MetHb simultaneously
  • Wireless patient screening - Wirelessly transmit patient readings from the sensor to the display at a distance of up to 30 feet (10m)
  • Multi-parameter display - Display shows multiple parameters along with a pleth waveform
  • Hassle free - Grab and go system with the display and signal processor pre-paired
  • Highly flexible - System can also monitor rSO2 during resuscitation, ECMO, or anesthetized transports
  • Rechargeable battery - Full battery charge provides up to 10 hours of runtime