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Philips InCourage System Vest Kit, Size 42, Black Individual

Item #: 100042-000
Manufacturer: RespirTech

The Philips InCourage system creates rapid compressions to  the chest to help loosen, thin and move mucus through the lungs and out of airways. Philips InCourage vest therapy benefits patients living with a wide range of chronic respiratory challenges associated with cystic fibrosis, certain neuromuscular/neuromotor diseases, COPD and bronchiectasis.

Philips InCourage Vest system incudes: InCourage Therapy Unit, Travel Cases, Durable Hoses (2), ICS Durable Vest, Power cord, Filter Kit (3 filters), Fuse Kit (2 fuses), Vest Washing Plugs (2 each), Instruction Manual (English/Spanish)

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