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NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy Device (REPLACES: L1US01US)

Item #: L2US01US
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

Reducing AHI and increasing adherence in patients with positional OSA. NightBalance is a compact, easy-to-use, mask-free treatment for positional OSA. The palm-sized device is worn comfortably across your chest in a soft, adjustable strap. NightBalance delivers gentle vibrations that prompt you to shift to your side without disturbing your sleep. It automatically adjusts the intensity of vibrations to provide the therapy you need. The compact docking station for charging fits on a night table. A small, lightweight sensor allows for easy data viewing. The soft, adjustable chest strap has a pocket for the device.

*Included: NightBalance Sensor Device, Travel Case, Adjustable Chest Strap, Docking Station, AC Power Cord, and Printed Instructions for Use

  • Easy to adjust to, thanks to an adaptation program
  • Designed to go anywhere with a convenient travel case
  • Mobile friendly with an easy-to-use app that tracks your progress
  • Discreet to wear – palm size device
  • Bluetooth enabled therapy