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Non-Invasive Ventilation Interfaces

Nivairo Non-Vented Hospital Full Face Mask with Standard Elbow, Large, 10/Box

Item #: RT046L
Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

A noninvasive ventilation (NIV) full face mask designed to help bring comfort and care to you and your patient along the recovery journey. We understand that the NIV journey can be a stressful time for both patients and clinicians. Nivairo incorporates thoughtful design features that help to address the challenges you may face along the recovery journey. NIV masks have been cited as one of the leading causes of pressure ulcers in the ICU. The Nivairo full face mask is designed to assist in establishing a comfortable seal without over-tightening the headgear or creating excessive facial pressure. Patient discomfort remains responsible for up to 33% of NIV failure.3 This can be due to irritation from leakage, incorrect mask sizing or over tightening of the headgear. The Nivairo full face mask uses the same comfortable seal technology as Fisher & Paykel healthcare’s award winning Simplus™ mask for sleep apnea.

  • A soft silicone RollFit seal automatically adjusts to adapt to the different face shapes of individual patients and helps minimize pressure on the nasal bridge
  • TubeFit zones on either side of the mask minimize leak around nasogastric/orogastric (NG/OG) tubes
  • Breathable ErgoFit headgear easily adjusts to fit
  • SizeMe mask selector assists in selecting the optimum NIV mask size for a patient