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RENASYS EDGE Pump, Purchase

Item #: 66803126
Manufacturer: Smith+Nephew

The inefficiency and complexity of NPWT is a growing problem that adds to already-stretched workloads.4 When 78% of clinicians report5 that tNPWT management can interfere with other tasks, and complex logistics are driving higher costs,4 needlessly complex NPWT is no longer affordable.

To help address the desire for simpler NPWT, the RENASYS EDGE System is:

  • Easy to use: An intuitive user interface with step-by-step guidance animations facilitate ease of use and set-up; designed to support clinician training1
  • Built for efficiency: Sturdy, reliable and durable to help minimise the number of device returns,3 with an easy-to-clean ‘wipe down’ pump1 and a streamlined cleaning process of less than 5 minutes2
  • Patient-friendly: Lightweight and portable6 pump offers more than 24 hours of battery life.**7 A hidden 300ml canister is designed to be discreet while still allowing assessment of exudate7

The RENASYS System has been described by clinicians as “effective, reliable and easy to use”.***8

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