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SimplyGo Mini System – External Battery Charger

Item #: 1116830
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

The external battery charger for the SimplyGo Mini is a great additional accessory to any SimplyGo Mini unit. It allows you to charge a battery outside of the concentrator while another battery is charging within the unit. This adds another level of convenience to traveling, or just using the SimplyGo Mini in general.

It enables oxygen patients to charge up more batteries to bring along, so they can quickly replace a depleted battery with a fully charged one while on the go. This external battery is also small and lightweight, and can easily be carried along in the SimplyGo Mini backpack or the accessory bag.

The SimplyGo Mini external battery charger uses AC power and is economically and environmentally friendly. It uses just 120 watts of electricity while charging a battery. It’s easy to use – just place the battery inside the charger, with the battery terminals facing down on the charger. The battery will begin charging automatically.

  • Charges a fully depleted Mini battery in 4 hours (standard battery)
  • LED battery status
  • Works for the SimplyGo Mini