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SleepWeaver Elan Soft Cloth Nasal Mask – Beige – Large

Item #: 100481
Manufacturer: Circadiance

The only CLOTH CPAP masks in the world! Made of nylon, elastin and lycra, these masks provide for a more natural & comfortable sleeping experience. The SleepWeaver Elan offers a clear view with no forehead strap and two headgear tabs on each side of the face. This open field of view allows for ease when watching TV or reading and for wearing glasses. The cloth cushion inflates with the flow of air and ‘balloons’ to seal around the nose. The ‘bubble ‘seal helps to omit facial pressure and sits lower on the nose.
Size is determined by the measurement of the nares- measuring from the outside of the nose to the other side. We suggest that you lean towards the smaller size if your measurement is ‘in between’ sizes as cloth will ‘give’. There are three sizes of the nasal cushion (Small/Regular and Large). The elbow of the SleepWeaver Elan Mask rotates 360 allowing the hose to be positioned based on the preference of the user. The Elan Mask and Headgear is also able to be tethered and worn over the head. A Velcro tether strap is available for purchase to wear the Elan Mask and Headgear this way. We do recommend adding a Featherweight Tube when wearing the Elan Mask and Headgear over your head.

  • Skin friendly: less potential for skin redness / irritation
  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Cloth conforms, allowing for sleeping position changes
  • Exhalation ports strategically integrated into the cloth provide quiet venting
  • Compact & lightweight: perfect for traveling
  • Hand or machine washable (cold or warm delicate cycle); hang to dry
  • Soft, durable, adjustable headgear