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Somnolyzer-G3 Act., Resp Only – 50 uses

Item #: 1121154
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

Somnolyzer from Philips Respironics is a clinically validated, computer-assisted sleep scoring system designed to help simplify and improve sleep study scoring productivity, accuracy, and consistency. By reducing the time sleep technicians spend on studies they are free to work on other important lab activities. Validated for both PSG and HST studies.

  • Somnolyzer increases lab efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual scoring
  • Somnolyzer can analyze both PSG and HST recordings
  • Integration with Sleepware enables real-time scoring During an in-lab PSG study, Somnolyzer will provide real-time, high quality staging and event scoring. As Somnolyzer applies staging and scoring, the night tech can easily track an ongoing tally of sleep efficiency and sleep time as well as event summaries such as RDI, AHI, and leg movements.
  • Simple to interpret confidence trend or “traffic light” system Sleepware with Somnolyzer uses straightforward green, yellow, and red indicators to show where it has high, medium or low confidence in its’ scoring, allowing the expert reviewer to focus their expertise on where it is needed the most.
  • Same scoring rules as human expert to allow for validity Somnolyzer recognizes sleep characteristics — spindles, eye movements and delta waves — and applies the same decision process to staging and event scoring as a human expert would. The Somnolyzer’s scores are indistinguishable from those of a human scorer.
  • Diminishes interscorer variability for increased reliability Somnolyzer scoring, along with a structured expert review, diminishes inter-scorer variability.
  • Follows R&K or AASM standards to deliver excellent results Patient results are compliant with the latest professional guidelines.
  • Follows current AASM standards, receiving the highest evidence score in the paper ‘Digital Analysis and Technical Specifications’ (Penzel, 2007)
  • Somnolyzer is fully integrated within Sleepware G3, and is an available option with a per-use license activation.