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Critical Care Invasive Ventilators Ventilation

Ventilator, CARESCAPE R860 Airway Module System

Item #: R860-SYST1
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare

Featuring expert user tools and an innovative user interface, the CARESCAPE R860 is inherently familiar the first time you use it.

Navigating past, present and future states of your ventilated patients is the foundation of the CARESCAPE R860 user interface. From the center workspace view that highlights current patient status, you can swipe left to right to navigate from historical trends on the left (past) to Clinical Decision Support tools on the right (future). Your settings are recalled even as you navigate across workspaces.

By replacing menus with workspace views, the CARESCAPE R860 has flattened the learning curve and unlocked ventilation capabilities by making them more accessible and easier to use.

*Includes: 1506-8600-000, 2070707-DISC-ADULT-PED, 2070708-USA-001, 2070709-CART-AC, 2070710-DISS, 2070711-NEMA5-15-AC, 2070712-APED, 2070712-APRV, 2070712-BILEVEL, 2070712-FRC, 2070712-NIV, 2070712-SIMV-PRVC, 2070712-SPIROD, 2070712-VS, 1505-3849-000, 2083208-001, 1505-3855-000, 1505-3856-000, 1505-3848-000, M1200693, M1188723, 1505-3801-000, M1165123, E-COVX-00-EN, AG-AS3100-S

  • Intuitive, familiar interface
  • View past, present, and future data
  • Advanced therapy w/ decision support tools
  • Protocolize weaning
  • Neonate support tools
  • High Flow O2 Therapy
  • Flexible service options