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Patient Solutions – Remote Setup for the ABM Respiratory Care BiWaze® Clear System

Item #: BK367-RS
Manufacturer: ABM Respiratory Care

First Nation Group’s Patient Solutions remote setup and installation for the ABM Respiratory Care BiWaze Clear System offers remote setup and support for patient success. This offering includes the following benefits:

  • Optimize clinician workflow + staff productivity
  • One-on-one setup
  • Direct-to-patient delivery
  • Multiple procurement options
  • Patient education
  • Remote setup and installation
  • Tailored setup with licensed Respiratory Therapist (RT)
The ABM Respiratory Care BiWaze Clear System provides oscillating lung expansion (OLE) therapy to help treat and prevent atelectasis, remove retained secretions from deep in the lungs and reduce work of breathing. BiWaze Clear expands and clears the airways through a combination of airway clearance therapies in just 10 minutes. Alternating therapies of lung expansion and high frequency oscillation combined with nebulization help calm inflamed airways and thin mucus.