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Respiratory Care Solution – REMOTE SETUP for AirAvant Medical’s Bongo® Rx

Item #: BNG500-RS

First Nation Group’s Respiratory Care Solution is a remote setup solution created to support patient transition management and monitoring. It provides Veterans the comfort and confidence needed to manage their treatment and supports VA physicians in supplying the best experience and continued care to Veterans.

The Respiratory Care Solution remote setup for Bongo Rx is conducted by a qualified professional and includes the following:

  • Step by step setup videos
  • Pre- and post-setup calls with qualified professional
  • Acclimation coaching
  • A troubleshooting contact number
  • The ability to do a video call as needed

Based on clinician prescription, patients can utilize any or all of the options depending on their comfort level.

  • The Respiratory Care Solution - Alternative Sleep Therapy solution team works one-on-one with patients and VA clinicians to establish a timely transition home, while also providing the following benefits: time management, virtual education and setup, acclimation coaching, document data and usage, and resupply tracking. Let First Nation Group be your trusted partner in improving care and quality of life for Veterans continuing this treatment at-home using the Bongo Rx.